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Kit for photovoltaic system

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Gambugliano, Italy
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Kit for photovoltaic system

Suitable for residential and corporate buildings, SMART ROOF system can be installed on every kind of roof with metal corrugated sheet. This solution is perfect for residential, industrial and farming installations.
Adaptability and flexibility
The system can be integrated into the roof of new or existing buildings, both residential and industrial, regardless of the type of roofing. It is sufficient to lay a metal corrugated sheet or to use the existing one, to install a highly customised and performing system.
Easy, fast and safe
All the components of the system are designed and manufactured in order to fit the special dedicated frame of Azimut modules. The modular layout and precision of brackets make the installation very easy and shorten its time. The lack of long aluminum rails reduces the risks of falling down due to their handling on the roof.
Highly competitive system
Our patented system exploits module frames as a structural element, remarkably reducing the mounting components and therefore their costs. Moreover, this allows to keep shipment charges very low.
High quality and efficiency
AZIMUT modules are produced according to strict technical specifications to ensure quality and durability. The selected materials (cells, glass, connection systems ...) meet the requirements of safety and performance of the final product. For more details about AZIMUT modules see technical data sheet.

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