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B&BFORTIS 717 | Outdoor floor tiles

Outdoor floor tiles

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Torino, Italy
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FORTIS 717 | Outdoor floor tiles
Outdoor floor tiles

Outdoor paving bricks - High performance surfacing that is intended specifically for outdoor paving and city streets, towns, while also adding a touch of originality indoors. Terraces, gardens and driveways can perfectly match the outer façades of the buildings thanks to these bricks. They are also ideal for pedestrian areas in historical city centers. They are colour resistant and their appearance does not change even after a long period of time. They represent the perfect combination of robustness and functionality which is a guarantee of their quality. As they are fired at high temperatures, they are resistant to heavy loads, salts, bases and acids.  They do not absorb water and their colors resist in all kinds of weather conditions and they do not fade in the sun. A safe base on which to create superbly beautiful, long-lasting effects. 
* Stable colors that do not fade in the sun.
* Very low coefficient for water absorption.
* Resistant to ice and all kinds of weather conditions.
* Resistant both to heavy wear and to heavy loads. 
* Resistant to acid and base chemicals.

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