BENKERT BÄNKE COMFONY 800 | Table for public areas

Rectangular Table for public areas

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Königsberg, Germany
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COMFONY 800 | Table for public areas


Rectangular Table for public areas


Stainless Steel and PET

Comfony is city furniture which is ideally suited to the particular demands of busy squares and pedestrian zones as well as leisure areas and railway and bus stations. Comfony consists of a solid stainless steel structure which is powder-coated and equipped with a ground anchoring system able to compensate for sloping sites. We have, of course, taken time to think about the design of the seat of this city furniture. Comfony city furniture is exclusively fitted with our innovative plastic profile seat area. These profiles enable us obtain the same properties as expectec from wood but without the disadvantages associated with this material. In addition, unlike wood plastic does not absorb water, does not splinter and crack, lose its colour and can be easily recycled in today's plastic recycling systems. We are sure that this novel seat area is a perfect solution. 

Rectangular Table for public areas. Each slat consists of an aluminium profil with a PET-thermo-sheat.

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Comfony Collection by BENKERT BÄNKE
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