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Munich, Germany


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1ST AID | Table lamp


LED table lamp


Stainless Steel, Polyester

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Both the 1st Aid table and floor lamps are built around a metal-coated polyester foil taken from a first aid-kit. The material is mouldable, somewhat translucent and extremely robust even though it is very thin. The silver and golden coating reflects most of the light the two opposite LED illuminants project on the foil. Due do the different coating of the two sides the light takes on different colors: there is a 'warm', golden, and a 'cool', silver side to it, if you will. Every part of this lamp has a specific function and has been reduced to the absolutely necessary. Stand and base plat are made out of black powdered metal. The table lamp can be controlled with the help of a magnetic ball on the base plate. The two light sources can be controlled both separately and together. The two light sources of 1st Aid Floor can be separately dimmed and controlled by touching the small antennas on the two heat sinks.

This lamp is built around a metal-coated polyester foil, taken from a first-aid kit. The foil is intentionally highlighted and the reason for the table lamp’s name. The material is mouldable, somewhat translucent, and extremely robust in spite of its thinness. The silver and gold coating reflects most of the light. Each of the lamp’s components fulfills a particular function and has been kept to the absolute minimum. The two LEDs (and cooling elements) are facing each other, thus projecting their light at one another. The foil, however, placed between the light sources and completely flexible, reflects the light into the room. The differently coated sides of the foil – one silver, the other golden – give different coloring to the light itself: there is, as it were a ‘warm side’ and a ‘cool side’ to it. The lamp is controlled using a magnetic ball on the stainless steel base. The two light sources can be turned on separately or simultaneously.
Movable and mouldable polyester foil coated with one gold-colored and one silver colored layer of metal, black anodised aluminium (cooling element), base plate in stainless steel, mains power supply 230 V, illuminant: LED warm 2700 and 3000 Kelvin, 18 watts, 900 lumen. The light output of the LED can be compared to that of a 50 W halogen bulb.

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1st Collection by BENWIRTH LICHT
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