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Bertolotto PorteSECUR

Lacquered safety door

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Bertolotto Porte

Torre San Giorgio, Italy
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Lacquered safety door

PETRA collection offers products that are specially designed and created to guarantee security against intruders, protection against noise and insulation against the cold and the elements, making homes more energy efficient.
All the Bertolotto doors are created with lining for interior and exterior doors, totally customizable with an unique taste in order to harmonized and incorporate them both with the home decor and the interior doors and also with the architectural contest.
The Petra collection of Bertolotto is characterized by a range of certificated products that guarantee the highest quality standards.

The reinforced doors from Petra collection are checked and certificated to guarantee the following performance features.
PETRA SECUR DOORS are certificated “classe 3” for Burglar resistant, according to specifications UNI EN 1627
PETRA TITANO and FORTEZZA DOORS are certificated “classe 4” for Burglar resistant, according to specifications , secondo la norma UNI EN 1627

PETRA SECUR DOORS guarantee soundproofing about 40 dB
PETRA TITANO and FORTEZZA DOORS guarantee soundproofing about 43 dB
PETRA TITANO EXIT DOORS guarantee soundproofing about 39 dB

Petra SECUR, TITANO and FORTEZZA DOORS guarantee thermal transmittance about U=1,8

The inner plate is a single sheet of electrogalvanized steel highly resistant to corrosion.
Soundproofing 40dB
Thermal transmittance U=1,8
Anti-intruder protection CLASSE 3 European specifications ENV 1627, four hinge grips, high security horizontal lock and drill resistant protective plate.

Standard equipments:
Automatic drop adjustable draught excluder.
Wide view peep hole (standard height 1450 mm).
Door bar for restricted opening with inside doorknob.
Silver coloured handles in anodised aluminium with standard fixed
You can choose interior and exterior lining with the panels of all Bertolotto collections. 

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