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Bespoke EditionIN FRONT OFF | Console table

Custom steel and wood console table

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Bespoke Edition

Carouge, Switzerland
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IN FRONT OFF | Console table
Custom steel and wood console table
Steel and Wood

In the beginning, there was the spark of an idea. The will to design a table with a new unexpected shape, an alternate angle:
“To be opposite, but to not truly see your guests, your friends.
A slight shift, barely visible, is all it takes…
And I can see, hear, join in…
That is how this subtly angled table was drawn, to then be interpreted at will. You can create a dining table, a coffee table, a sideboard, a bar. It is above all meant to be a place one comes to for a relaxing meal, a drink, a quiet moment to think, to see things from a different stance.
In this multitude of possibilities, the balance remains like a well thought-out formula: two panels of wood assembled along a central beam, separate but joined in harmony. Then two metallic trestles as support, stretching to three as the table grows.
Whichever style you choose, be it natural wood or a table top as colourful as a spring morning, Gavoille also proposes a marked contrast filled with meaning: from the smooth surface on top of the table, the hand slides to an edge and underside that are both worn and textured. It’s a bit like an acknowledgement of the multiple facets of all those characters soon to be assembled around this personal, unique item of furniture.  

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H 75 - 115 cm
L 150 - 360 cm

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