Open wall-mounted shelving unit

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Open wall-mounted shelving unit


Engineered wood

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How much do you need? And how much does it need to hold a book? An airy grid with a well-defined distance to the wall behind it, inclined at an angle of 2,6°! In this field of compartents you can place your beloved books. And they don‘t fall over, because they are leaning. SCHLAGSEITE -via an elegant gesture- invites to interact, to (re-)group your books: With the tip of a finger you can choose a book and tilt it towards you! A minimal and characteristic piece of furniture. Empty, it produces a sculptural cast shadow on the wall, fully loaded it draws back and leaves the scenery to the books.

material: 12 mm birch plywood multiplex coated in blackbrown, purewhite or lightgrey edges honed and untreated
statics: vertical load transferred to the floor, positioned in front of the wall with 4 distancing bolts

Further info from manufacturer on SCHLAGSEITE
9x7 - W. 206 x H. 243 x D. 11 cm || 10 kg
7x6 - W. 161 x H. 221 x D. 11 cm || 7,5 kg
5x6 - W. 117 x H. 221 x D. 11 cm || 5,5 kg

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