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Ceramic flooring



PAVIKER : the first ceramic that lays like parquet.
An italian flooring innovation combining wooden floor technology with ceramic advantages.
Finally, it is there! Imagine your floor as strong as the ceramic and as warm as the wood. Combine both sensations and you get the essence of our researches: Paviker.
Paviker is an innovative product in the construction world that has opened the way for a new concept in floor coverings. It is a pre-finished product composed of a 3+/5 mm thick layer of ceramic and a support in multilayer plywood or WPC with tongue and groove on all four sides. The combination between these two elements was born from the idea to create a new concept in surfaces that will revolutionize the world of construction, architecture and interior design.
Easy to install (like a parquet), Paviker offers you a wide range of possibilities for your interior design (as flooring or walling solution) and exterior design.

In addition to ceramic multiple advantages (resistant to humidity, hygienic, easy to clean), most of you will highly appreciate PAVIKER (both 1.0 and 2.0) for its  unique features:

Reduced laying time. Suitable to be combined with Bruno Parquet wooden floors.

Possible “third-fire” customization; all designs are possible…

Formaldheide, benzene and other toxic substance-free.


It allows to renovate your home without any demolition, dust, bad smell. Like a parquet, it can be laid glued or floating.


Light and easy to carry.

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Further details
Paviker 1.0
Born form the cooperation between Laminam and Bruno Parquet, Paviker 1.0 is the first product of the new brand which combines pre-finished wooden floor technology with ceramic advantages. It is a pre-finished product made of a thin ceramic top layer 3 mm thick and a multi-layer plywood support with tongue and groove on the four sides. The combination between wood and ceramic creates a brand new concept for flooring solutions which will transform the world of covering.
✓ Zero gap
✓ Absolute planarity
✓ Fast laying
✓ It combines with Bruno wooden floors
✓ 3 different thicknesses: 11, 14 & 15 mm
✓ Interior usage
Paviker 2.0
This is the evolution of the original Paviker 1.0 with birch plywood support. Paviker 2.0 combines a thin ceramic top layer (3+ or 5 mm) with a WPC support (Wood Plastic Composite), a composite of wooden fibers and recycled plastic. Paviker 2.0 is suitable especially for big surfaces subject to high tread, also in humid areas.
✓ Zero gap
✓ Absolute planarity
✓ Fast laying
✓ Minimal thickness: 8,5 / 10,5 mm
✓ Interior & Exterior usages
✓ Big spaces
✓ Humid areas
✓ Naval fitting
✓ Natural & recyclable

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