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Home automation system

Home automation system
BTICINO manufacturer

MyHOME_Up allows you to guarantee the ideal temperature in the home, guaranteeing maximum energy saving at any time.

The heating and cooling system's division into separate zones allows you to manage different temperature profiles, avoiding wasting energy resources.

Saving up to 30%: the multizone temperature control is based on measuring the temperature in each room by means of local sensors which, via the control unit, consent to activate the heating/cooling only where and when it is needed.
Differentiating the temperature depending on the type of room (lounge, bedroom, etc.) and at the time of day when people are in it (day, night) you can achieve an energy saving of up to 30% with respect to traditional solutions.

Programming simplicity: programming the temperature profiles of each zone into which the system is divided is extremely simple and intuitive because you interact with a graphic menu assisted by a wide control unit display.Various easy-to-call daily or weekly programs can be set. Local temperature sensors allow you to vary the temperature profile set in the control unit precisely.

Integration with other MyHOME_Up functions: The temperature control is an element of the MyHOME_Up system and as such can easily be combined with other home-automation functions which may be found in homes.
For example, when switching the burglar alarm on when you are out, you can adjust the temperature to an economy level and when it is switched off you can switch the temperature control on at a comfortable level.

Remote control
: thanks to the MyHOME_Up cloud service, you can control and request the operation status of both the temperature control unit and the single zones of the system even when you are away from home.

Coordination of appearance: MyHOME_Up combines perfectly with the rest of the home electrical system, with control unit and local temperature sensors placed on the wall and fitted with the finishing cover plates adopted for controls and power sockets.

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