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Buster + PunchTray - Brass

Pin tray

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Buster + Punch

Londra, United Kingdom
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Tray - Brass
Pin tray
Steel, Brass
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Harsh solid metal, machined into elegant and beautiful pieces which can create a wonderful centrepiece for any sized dinner table.


The MACHINED collection features:


An INTERIOR FRAGRANCE DIFFUSER, built in collaboration with HAECKELS.


A true Buster + Punch take on the classic Candelabra makes a perfect dinner table centrepiece.


With a stunning crystal vase, this delicate VASE design is an elegant piece to place anywhere in the home.


A simple and clean TRAY for any coffee table or side table, for one's belongings. 


The entire MACHINED collection is available in a BRASS or STEEL finish.

A MACHINED tray made out of solid brushed STEEL or BRASS. The metal is machined to perfection and serves to hold any of your favourite accessories.

MACHINED is a range of solid metal plates that have been skillfully machined from 6mm steel and brass to accomodate interior accessories, including - CANDLEABRA, flower VASE, WHISKY glasses, fragrance DIFFUSER and a simple TRAY. They can be displayed individually or placed side by side to make a stunning table display. 

MACHINED makes a great gift and comes in stunning gift packaging.

Further info from manufacturer on Tray - Brass
230 x 93 x H 12 mm

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