Prefabricated polymer membrane

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Prefabricated polymer membrane

Imperband is a waterproof sheet, specially designed for indoor waterproofing of ceramic wall and floor coverings. It is a 0,5mm thick polymer membrane with a double thermoplastic polyolefin sheet and covered on both sides by non woven polyester fibers that allow it to be bonded to surfaces using cement-based adhesives. Ideal for use in new construction and refurbishment of showers and baths, and any indoor environment permanently affected by damp.
•  Double thermoplastic polyolefin membrane covered on both sides by non woven 
polyester fibers.
•  Maximum waterproofing with minimal thickness (0.5 mm).
•  Direct installation of the tile on the sheet.
•  Good chemical resistance.
•  Quick and easy application.
Recommended use:
•  Private bathrooms. Built in showers.
•  Public toilets and showers.
•  Spas and premises in permanently damp environments.
•  Balconies and terraces smaller than 10 mq.
•  Do not use in outdoors surfaces greater than 10 mq.
•  imperbandsheet is compatible with type C2 cement-based adhesive as per EN 12004. 
•  In case of surfaces bigger than the length of the sheet, overlap two 10 cm sheets and bond with C2 adhesive.
•  In waterproofing of floors, leave an excess of sheet of at least 10 cm in all the spots where floor meets the wall. 
•  Be extremely cautious when connecting the sheet to the drainage systems. 
•  Once the imperbandsheet has been installed, cover with the chosen floor covering. Never leave exposed to direct sunlight.
•  Absorbent and non-absorbent ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles with a water absorption < 0.5% as per EN-ISO 10545-3.
•  Glass mosaic.
•  Natural stone and marble not prone to staining.
Avis technique:  CSTB 13/08-1035
•  Cement covered floors and walls .
•  Concrete slabs.
•  Plasterboards.
•  On anhydrite or plaster substrates apply uniprim.

Further info from manufacturer on IMPERBAND
30 m, europallet 720 m/pallet
5 m, europallet 300 m/pallet

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