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LED AirCoral®



The TECHNICAL line is composed of technical recessed products for ceiling and wall that, thanks to the material in which are realized, become integral part of the surfaces where are installed. The lighting elements are completely invisible, without screws or frames, obtaining extraordinary effects of total disappearance and allowing the light beam to become the absolute protagonist.

Genius, News Euroluce 2015, is a total recessed luminaire with a light hole of just 20mm. Cropped inside the ceiling and without any frame - perfectly integrated in the surface - is a so tiny lens to disappear when switched off, but at the same time, able to underline the objects with dramatic theatricality thanks to a light beam of 1000 lumen. The lighting source materializes in a light cone with a definite volume directed towards below surfaces. A push locking system allows the extraction from the front of the Led and then the maintenance can be done from 20 mm hole. The total inspection of Genius and the possibility to access the spare parts without interventions on the ceiling avoid the use of inspection hatches and allow to act only on the body inside the two centimeters of available space.

Studied to be installed in plasterboard or brick ceiling, Genius is made of AirCoral® natural white and it’s suitable to be customized by the customers with any kind of painting and finishing, fitting tastes and needs of the designers.     

Technical Collection by Buzzi & Buzzi
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