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Buzzi & BuzziSECRET LINE

Recessed CoralĀ® ceiling lamp

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Buzzi & Buzzi

Pozzo D'Adda, Italy
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Recessed Coral® ceiling lamp

The TECHNICAL line is composed of technical recessed products for ceiling and wall that, thanks to the material in which are realized, become integral part of the surfaces where are installed. The lighting elements are completely invisible, without screws or frames, obtaining extraordinary effects of total disappearance and allowing the light beam to become the absolute protagonist.

Secret Line - Modular recessed system of unlimited compositions. Can be installed on plasterboard ceilings. Shell in Coral®, made in single or triple versions. Frosted glass set backward compared to the edge of the ceiling. The system is composed by putting in order separately: 1. Coral® shell, 2. lighting modules, 3. protective glass, power kit for the wirings that are not supplied. Lighting modules are available in the following wirings: halogen QT-DE 12 (+/- 20°), halogen QT-DE 12 (+/- 30°), discharge HIT-DE (+/- 20°),  discharge HIT-DE (+/- 30°), halogen QR 111, fluorescent TC-F.

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