by Lassen KUBUS BOWL | Copper vase

Copper vase

  • Design by Mogens Lassen

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by Lassen

Copenhagen, Denmark
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KUBUS BOWL | Copper vase


Copper vase



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The Kubus Bowl is based on original sketches by Mogens Lassen, and features elements evocative of the Bauhaus school, one of Mogens Lassen’s primary inspirations. The German design school believed that good design should be accessible to the people, and this concept appealed to architect Mogens Lassen. The Kubus Bowl is produced in Denmark with a focus on high quality and solid craftsmanship, and the bowl is a natural extension of the iconic Kubus candleholder, designed by Mogens Lassen in 1962. The Kubus Bowl is suitable for home decoration year-round and can contain everything from spring blossoms to herbs, fruits, or your favourite candy. 
Cleaning: Not suitable for dishwasher
Function: The bowl can be separated from the frame

Bowl: Untreated solid copper. 
Frame: Untreated copper-plated metal. The copper will patinate nicely over time
Bowl: Use Brasso for copper, without abrasive grains. 
Frame: Wipe with a cloth

Further info from manufacturer on KUBUS BOWL | Copper vase
KUBUS BOWL 20602: 23 x 23 cm
KUBUS BOWL 20601: 14 x 14 cm

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