CALEFFI 7002 PLURIMOD EASY hydraulic module

Mixing unit and manifold

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Fontaneto d'Agogna, Italy
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7002 PLURIMOD EASY hydraulic module


Mixing unit and manifold

The PLURIMOD® EASY user module incorporates the necessary thermoregulation, metering and hydraulic balancing functions for apartments served by centralised heating systems.
The unit comprises a two-way ON-OFF zone valve, a differential pressure control valve, strainer, and adequate air vents, all accommodated in a self-contained compact brass manifold. The product includes the MID certified CONTECA® direct meter.
Two-way regulation, combined with built-in differential pressure control, make Plurimod Easy the perfect solution for use in variable flow rate systems with thermostatic valves. By placing a limit on the pressure head acting on the heating body regulation devices, Plurimod Easy guarantees protection against noise phenomena caused by the excessive pressure head conditions that are typically associated with variable flow rate systems. Maximum flow rate pre-adjustment device that allows better adaptation of the module to the effective capacity requirements of the apartment.
Insulation without thermal bridges and with high vapour diffusion resistance makes this module suitable also for cooling applications.
Its exceptional ease of installation is one of Plurimod Easy's key strengths. Installation is performed by first positioning a template – oriented freely as required – equipped with shut-off valves, insulation and system flushing pipes. The hydraulic module and heat meter are only installed once the work site is in the finishing stages. This solution makes it possible to finish the hydraulic works and flush the system without jeopardising intrinsically delicate components.

Hydraulic module with 2-way zone valve and fixed Δp.
Consisting of:
- monobloc containing the 2-way zone valve with ON/OFF control by means of the 6562 series actuator,
- heat metering by means of CONTECA with 3/4” volumetric section,
- differential valve with control on the user side and Δp limited to 3.5 m w.c.,
- direct immersion probe pockets for the heat meter,
- flow probe with cartridge filter in stainless steel mesh,
- reversible monobloc (Right-Left). Standard configuration: system connection on the left-hand side and apartment connection on the right-hand side.
Conforms to directive 2004/22/EC (MI004).

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Plurimod® Collection by CALEFFI
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