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Kitchen with island

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Callesella Arredamenti

Cison di Valmarino, Italy
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Kitchen with island


Wood, Stone

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What do people choosing a kitchen need and what are their starting conditions? There are so many answers.
We looked at living spaces first. There are open space lofts but also smaller apartments which need to be functional with carefully selected details, while still “carving out” corners and exploiting every centimetre of living space. Without abandoning its well-known collections, Callesella’s Fly Project goes into the city, opening up to a constantly shifting multi-coloured cosmopolitan urban setting, full of people with a diverse range of professions, interests, needs and wants. People who want what they like to be seen.
Arrangements and shapes, however large or small, allow free positioning of elements on existing walls or in absence of walls. Free-standing units, like a sideboard or open shelving unit, can become room dividers to create functional zones or be part of the overall living space.

Workshop, gallery, home? All three. Above all, a living space in all. A definition and environment that sum up how I live and create in a steady flow because any moment could be the right one for transforming an idea that has just come to me. The kitchen is central in this space that is mental, fluid and elastic too. It’s almost an “equipped” area where the units all have a function: the huge sideboard, the hob and sink surfaces, the big kitchen bench I often sit around with guests discussing art, trends and the next vernissage. There may be two or twenty of us; we all fit.

I’m attracted to both creative and innovative things. When I look at the Industrial cooker hood,
I think: the rust finish island hood is versatile because the horizontal tubes are impromptu utensil racks. The units are pictures for me.
The dove grey powdered door fronts are elegant; the walnut coloured shelving is strong. The flamed brushed Piasentina stone of the worktops, sides and backsplashes are a perfect, sturdy frame.

Furniture surfaces that I can draw on
Ever thought of having slate on your kitchen door fronts? Fly has. It mirrors my artistic soul mixing originality with practicality.
If I want, I can switch to clear safety glass with wood frames in a coordinated colour.
Art is also about change.
Esenkay, my dining and work table is in solid wood and extendable. Here it is walnut coloured.

When a precise, defined area needs illuminating,
Fly sheds light on it. Wall units can be fitted with LED lights on request. A large storage unit, almost a sculpture.
The walnut finish dresser has a modular top section with open shelving or closed glass fronted compartments.
As you wish.

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Fly Collection by Callesella Arredamenti
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