Base coat and impregnating compound for paint and varnish

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Portogruaro, Italy
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Base coat and impregnating compound for paint and varnish

Product for the surface impregnation of wood, for interiors and exteriors, highly penetrating with a finish that enhances the wood grain. Available in transparent colours obtained from micronized mineral pigments with high resistance to light which give the wooden structures treated an even colour and protection against the deterioration caused by the UV rays and atmospheric agents, elements indispensable for the duration of the applications, and useful for protecting the structure over time. Its excellent quality guarantees good saturation of the wood pores with minimum swelling of the wood fibre and even and uniform distribution of the colour, so as to create a substrate that guarantees good adhesion of the finishing coats and uniform covering of the film with excellent aesthetic results both in professional and in do-it-yourself applications, as it is easy to apply with both manual or mechanical tools. Water-dilutable product formulated with alkyd resins in aqueous dispersion and fungicides that guarantee resistance to mould and excellent resistance to UV rays; for maximum protection in exterior environments, in severe conditions of exposure to atmospheric agents and sunlight, the product must be recoated with suitable finishes. Being odourless, it is particularly suitable for poorly ventilated areas. It is formulated with raw materials selected for their low environmental impact, guaranteeing reduced pollution and minimum emissions, so as to preserve the well-being and safety of its users and of those living in the environment.

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