Base coat and impregnating compound for paint and varnish

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Portogruaro, Italy
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Base coat and impregnating compound for paint and varnish

Product for the surface impregnation of wood, for interiors and exteriors, highly penetrating with a finish that enhances the wood grain. Available in semi-transparent colours obtained from micronized mineral pigments with high resistance to light which give the structures treated an even colour and protection against the deterioration caused by the UV rays and atmospheric agents, elements indispensable for the duration of the applications, and useful for protecting the structure over time. Its excellent quality guarantees good saturation of the wood pores with minimum swelling of the wood fibre and even and uniform distribution of the colour, so as to create a substrate that guarantees good adhesion of the finishing coats and uniform covering of the film with excellent aesthetic results both in professional and in do-it-yourself applications. Easily applicable with manual or mechanical tools. Product formulated with alkyd resins in the solvent phase and fungicides that guarantee resistance to mould; for maximum protection in exterior environments, in severe conditions of exposure to atmospheric agents and sunlight, the product must be recoated with suitable finishes. COLOURS:As per the samples. The range of colours can be extended using Novolegno Concentrato. Before application, it is always advisable to check the tone with preliminary tests, since the original colour of each type of wood produces a different final shade. The darker shades give better protection from UV rays. The colour could vary slightly from one production batch to the next; it is therefore important to finish the job with the same batch.USE:As an undercoat on raw surfaces of various types of wood, during the semi-transparent coloured paint cycle with synthetic alkyd finish on structures such as doors and windows in general, matchboarding, beams and other wooden structural elements.  Recoat within 18 hours in order to guarantee good adhesion. It is characterized by good spreading and flowability which facilitate application, especially with flow-coating, impregnator and dipping systems. It is ideal for the impregnation of laminated pine and matchboarding and beams as it reduces the variation in colour caused by knots and absorption differences. If the product has been stored at low temperatures, allow it to reach a temperature of at least +15 °C before applying. Drying can be done at ambient temperature or with a hot air tunnel (+35°+50°C), in which case brushing may be carried out after 3-5 hours, allowing a reduction in work times. Clean the tools with Acetone per lavaggio. The dust from sandpapering and/or spraying and dry paint residue should not be allowed to build up as it could lead to self-combustion.

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Novolegno Collection by CAP ARREGHINI
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