Dehumidifying plaster

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Portogruaro, Italy
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Dehumidifying plaster

Premixed mineral plaster mortar for manual application, it is breathable and macro porous. It is special for reconditioning against capillary moisture. After treatment with Silomur, it protects against salt absorption, it is then used as a plaster for deteriorated walls. To be applied so as to obtain a total thickness of not less than 2 cm.
Colour: Grey.
Surface preparation: Completely remove the core of the plaster to be restored by at least 70/100 cm beyond the halo of visible moisture. Carefully clean and brush the surface by cleaning any dust or loose parts that could create bridging cohesive detachment. Rinse with clean water across the surface in order to remove all traces of dust that have remained and this allows the wall to be kept moist.
Anti-salt application: If water stagnation is not present on the substrate (about 30 minutes after washing), it is then possible to apply liquid anti-salt primer SILOFIX
ready to use and applied by brushing or spraying. When the liquid has been absorbed by the anti-salt SILOFIX masonry (about 30 minutes) proceed with the application of the first rough coat with KZ.
Preparation of the mixture: Mix RASANTE KZ DEUMIDIFICANTE with a concrete mixer for 5-8 minutes and add 4-5 litres of clean water every 25 kg bag to obtain a smooth and creamy mortar with no lumps.
Application of the rough coat and the core of the plaster: If the wall is still wet apply a layer of about 5 mm by using a trowel and make sure to completely cover the surface, it should have a rough effect and not be smoothened out, so as to create a uniform base and a cohesive layer. When the rough coat begins to harden (about 3-5 hours) apply RASANTE KZ DEUMIDIFICANTE to obtain thicknesses between 1.5 and 2 cm by using a trowel. Then straighten the edges by using an H power trowel use in a smooth way without crushing and pressing down on the previously applied layers, (applied two days before). The laying of the levelling strips must be made by applying RASANTE KZ DEUMIDIFICANTE mortar, and by applying wood or plastic battens, after treating with the appropriate salt-resistant procedures.

STORAGE +5°C +30°C

Further info from manufacturer on KZ

Rasacap Collection by CAP ARREGHINI
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