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Portogruaro, Italy
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Enamel suitable for the painting systems of various structures, water-impermeable, easy to apply, ideal for professional use as it is extremely compatible and has excellent adhesion properties, filling and covering powers on various types of substrate. It guarantees an extremely uniform finish with extraordinary resistance to atmospheric agents and mechanical stress, elements indispensable for the duration of the applications, and useful for protecting the structure over time. Thanks to its high quality, effective aesthetic and technical solutions can be obtained for various painting requirements offering excellent finishing results with maximum protection and colour resistance in exterior environments, even in severe exposure conditions. The properties of this film which include elasticity, scratch resistance and wear resistance, ensure that it maintains its appearance while remaining stable and able also to withstand the stress created by the dimensional variations of the substrate in response to the varying of climatic conditions. COLOURS:As per the samples. The range may be extended using the shades from the Tintema sample book. The colour could vary slightly from one production batch to the next; it is therefore important to finish the job with the same batch. The product may be coloured using the Tintema system. USE:It is ideal for decorating and protecting, from atmospheric agents in rural, marine and industrial environments, new structures or structures undergoing maintenance, e.g. industrial machinery, fixtures, railings, barges, tanks, agricultural machinery, with substrates made of iron, galvanized iron, aluminium, alloys and plastic, appropriately pre-treated. Strong colours can also be used. The thickness recommended for effective protection is established on the basis of the aggressiveness of the environment and the product should always be applied on a scrupulously clean substrate. High thicknesses per coat and unfavourable environmental conditions slow down the drying and deep-hardening process. Ensure that the previous coat is well dried before applying a fresh coat, but apply the new coat within 72 hours in order to ensure good adhesion of the subsequent coats. Otherwise, sandpaper between coats. TOOLS:Roller, Brush. THINNING:Ready to use. COVERAGE:7-9 sq.m/l per 70-50 dry µm. 7-9 sq.m/kg per 70-50 dry µm. DRYING:Dry to recoat 18-24 h; Fully dry 24 h. APPLICATION TEMPERATURE:+5°C +30°C. STORAGE:+5°C e +30°C.

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