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Portogruaro, Italy
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Enamel suitable for coating systems of various artifacts, waterproof, easy to apply, ideal for professional use as it has high compatibility and adhesion, filling capacity and coverage of different types of background. It ensures a finishing characterized by high uniformity, mechanical strength and formidable against weathering. It delivers high-quality aesthetic and technical solutions for the diverse needs of painting with an excellent level of finish and maximum protection and durability of color outdoors even in situations of high exposure to severe conditions. The characteristics of suitable elasticity, wear and tear resistance generate a film that is stable, beautiful and resistant to the stresses due to the natural variation in size of the support under varying climatic conditions. It is formulated with micaceous iron oxide, which is stable to light and acts as a light barrier, modified alkyd synthetic resin in solvent phase, which provides superior protection in bright outdoor weathering and exposure to sunlight. It has excellent adhesion on surfaces including wood, hard plastics, light alloys, galvanized iron, and aluminum. The properties of adequate distension and low tendency to drip allows it to be applied with hand tools or mechanical applications that provide a finish characterized by high homogeneity aesthetic, uniform thickness and adequate coverage of the edges.

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Lasurcap Collection by CAP ARREGHINI
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