Epoxy paint

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Portogruaro, Italy
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Epoxy paint

Decorative paint for exteriors and interiors, satin-finish, odourless, semi-covering, formulated with acrylic resins in water-based emulsion, ideal for creating unusual decorations. Thanks to its extreme fineness, it is ideal for interior applications. The tough film, which is highly resistant to the penetration of stains and dirt and to washing, can be easily cleaned with commercial detergents and antibacterial detergents (reaches maximum resistance 10 days after application). The product therefore meets the standards of the Reg. 852/2004/EC and is commonly used in a wide variety of work situations providing a safe solution for the protection of the walls in environments destined for the storage and/or processing of food products, in hospital rooms or in premises and for objects that are likely to come into frequent contact with human beings and in all cases in which it is necessary to guarantee high standards of health and hygiene. Being odourless, it is particularly suitable for poorly ventilated areas. It is formulated with raw materials selected for their low environmental impact, guaranteeing reduced pollution and minimum emissions, so as to preserve the well-being and safety of its users and of those living in the environment. COLOURS: As per specific colour card. The colour could vary slightly from one production batch to the next; it is therefore important to finish the job with the same batch. USE: It is ideal for decorating and protecting new structures or structures undergoing maintenance that have mineral wall substrates such as plasters with different compositions (cement, common lime, premixed), concrete and fibrocement, appropriately treated with suitable primer. Strong colours can also be used. Using various tools and different ground colours, different colour effects can be obtained. The best results are obtained with a white undercoat or a coloured undercoat of a lighter shade than the finishing coat. To increase the colour effect, proceed to apply a second coat of Kimera in a different colour shade. The best effects are obtained when working on satin finishes. Anti-moss and mould action on exteriors: add 1 litre of anti-mould and algicide B25 Antimuffa Antialga for every14 litres of paint or 350 ml of concentrated algicide B25 Antialga Concentrato for every 14 litres of paint. Tools should be washed with water immediately after use. The texture effect depends on the manual skill of the applicator and on the quantity applied. For this reason the samples are only indicative. Before doing the actual job, run some tests on a demonstration panel. TOOLS: Sea sponge, Pad, Cloth, Plastic spatula. THINNING:20-30% by volume with water. COVERAGE:10-12 sq.m/l per coat. DRYING: Dry to recoat 5-8h; Fully dry 24h, resistant to washing 5 days. APPLICATION TEMPERATURE:+5°C +30°C. STORAGE:+5°C e +30°C.

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