Silicate paint

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Portogruaro, Italy
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Silicate paint

Potassium silicate-based paint with mineral binders. Due to its chemical nature, it does not form a film but hardens due to a chemical reaction with the substrate. It is characterized by high water vapour permeability so as to guarantee the breathability required to ensure dry walls, making it ideal as a finishing product for dehumidifying systems. Its high quality guarantees maximum protection and resistance of the colour in outdoor environments and it has the power to fill the substrate, obtaining a compact, even, opaque finish that makes it particularly suitable for the facades of historical and new buildings. COLOURS:White. The range of colours can be extended using the shades from the Tucano, Spazio 100, Area 115 sample books (for interiors and exteriors) with the Idrotema Professionale system. The colour could vary slightly from one production batch to the next; it is therefore important to finish the job with the same batch. Mineral products react chemically with the substrate and therefore on plasters of different types and compositions, there may be variations in colours even with the same batch; prepare the undercoat well. USE:It is ideal for decorating and protecting, from atmospheric agents in rural, marine or industrial environments, new structures or structures undergoing maintenance that have alkaline substrates such as plasters with different compositions (cement, common lime, pre-mixed, skim coat plaster for exterior insulation) and old silicate and lime-based paints. Strong colours may also be used. Cannot be applied on synthetic paints. Although compatible with cement and reinforced concrete, it does not provide proper protection due to its high breathability. On exterior surfaces subject to biological pollutants, such as mould, seaweed and moss, add 1 litre of B25 Antimuffa Antialga or 350 ml of B25 Antialga Concentrato for every 14 litres of paint. Since the product hardens by a chemical reaction with the substrate, it is important to cover the surfaces that do not require painting (glass and marble) and to remove any colour stains immediately. Clean tools with water. TOOLS:Roller, Brush, Spray-gun. THINNING:10-20% by volume with Silicap Fissativo, depending on the type of work process involved. COVERAGE:8-10 sq.m/l by volume per coat. DRYING:Dry to recoat 4-6h; Fully dry 18h. APPLICATION TEMPERATURE:+5°C +30°C. STORAGE:+5°C e +30°C.

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Mineralcap Collection by CAP ARREGHINI
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