Smoothing compound

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Portogruaro, Italy
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Smoothing compound

White powdered, single-component, hydrophobized, adhesive-top coat plaster for both interiors and exteriors which, when water is added, forms a specific paste for both gluing and top coat plastering of insulating panels made of different materials such as polystyrene, expanded polyurethane, cork oak wood, panels made with mineral fibres or equivalent. It can be applied to masonry substrates, cement-based plaster, gauged mortar and concrete. Being characterised by an extremely low specific weight, it ensures high coverage with an excellent coefficient of thermal insulation. For the top coat plastering, the product must be reinforced with a special mesh. COLOURS:White. USE:As an adhesive binder for insulated panels on old and new plasters, concrete, tiles and miscellaneous masonry works and old synthetic coatings. As a top coat plaster on very cracked surfaces.
Instructions:Do not apply in conditions of strong sunlight or on very windy days (if necessary, dampen the substrate). Do not apply on frozen or wet substrates. Do not use it for particularly smooth panels or panels coated with protective films. Protect the coated parts for at least 24 hours from heavy rain and for at least 7 days from frost and strong sunlight. When wood fibre panels are coated, check stability and absorption levels.
Preparing the surface:The substrate must be free from parts that are uneven or breaking off, free from pollution such as smog, mould or moss; if other coatings are already in place, ensure that they are well attached to the substrate. If not, proceed to remove them and to prepare the surface with Murisol or Murisol W.Binding:Add 6.25-6.5 litres of water to a 18 kg bag of Rasacap Light Bianco 502 and mix using a whip mixer at a slow speed, until a smooth, lump-free paste is obtained. Apply the product directly on the insulating panel, forming beads or dots of product. Place the sheets so that the joints are staggered and proceed to nail them down. Top coat plastering:Once two or three days have passed, proceed with the top coat plastering, by spreading the paste with a steel trowel, positioning the reinforcing mesh and pressing it down into the plaster until it is completely embedded, then re-applying Rasacap Light Bianco 502 until the mesh has been totally covered with a surface similar to plaster. Finishing:Wait for approximately two weeks, then apply Murisol or Murisol W primer followed by a finish from the Trasil series, or K81, or Murival or Thermocap Rivestimenti coatings. The indicated mortar curing time changes with the varying of temperature and humidity conditions.

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Rasacap Collection by CAP ARREGHINI
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