Thixotropic mortar

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Thixotropic mortar

Non-structural universal mortar, to be used indoors and outdoors on concrete surfaces, but also on masonry, plaster and compo mortar. It is suitable for reconstitution of deteriorated surfaces such as risers, balconies and frames. It is a technical mortar with a compensated shrinkage and is suitable for applications up to 5 cm of thickness. It is suitable for levelling out thin layers, manageable with a trowel.
Colour: Grey.
Further coats should be applied once maturation has occurred  (14 days).
Do not use on metal surfaces or surfaces with large deformations such as fibre cement panels.
Protect the product from rain, rain showers, strong wind for at least 48 hours after laying, and frost or sun for at least 7 days after installation.
The application temperature of the product must be between + 5 ° C and +30 ° C;
Do not add other materials to RASACAP RENEWAL 400.
Surface preparation: Remove any inconsistent material. Remove oils, release agents, dust, and dirt in general, in the presence of oxidized reinforcing rods that have been pre-treated with passivating grout. For improvement of adhesion on extremely smooth surfaces, add RASACAP RENEWAL 400 with a latex adhesion promoter. If applied on extremely absorbent surfaces, wet the surface with clean water before the application. Make sure that the foundations of new constructions have reached full maturity (usually 28 days after application, as specified by the manufacturer).
Preparation of the mixture: RASACAP RENEWAL 400 is ready to for use and can be mixed with 5.0 litres of clean water per bag of 25 kg to obtain 20% homogeneous mortar free of lumps.
Application: You can apply RASACAP RENEWAL 400 by using a trowel or a spatula to obtain thicknesses not less than 2 mm and not more than 3 cm for vertical surfaces and 5 cm for horizontal surfaces per layer applied. Thicker layers should be applied in several coats at intervals of 4 hours between coats, under normal atmospheric conditions (approximately 20 ° C without wind and / or rain). In case of strong wind and / or application temperatures that are particularly high or under direct sunlight, the surface must be kept wet by spraying clean water every 4 hours for 48 hours after the application. You can get an ordinary finish by using a sponge float.

STORAGE +5°C +30°C

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