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Thixotropic mortar

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Portogruaro, Italy
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Thixotropic mortar

Thixotropic fibre-reinforced, shrinkage-compensation, mortar containing hydraulic binders, selected silica inert substances and specific additives for both interior and exterior application. It is used to repair and profile deteriorated non-structural concrete, both vertically and horizontally, and can also be used on masonry, plasters and gauged mortars. It is also used for the preparation of substrates prior to installation of heavy coating or ceramics. Excellent for the reconstruction of eaves and deteriorated step risers in balconies. COLOURS:Grey. USE:As a top coat plaster on old and new plasters, concrete and old plastic coatings.Instructions:Do not apply in conditions of strong sunlight or on very windy days (if necessary, dampen the substrate). Do not apply to frozen or wet substrates, to plaster or painted substrates, to flaky substrates.Protect the coated parts for at least 24 hours from heavy rain and for at least 7 days from frost and strong sunlight. Preparing the surface:The substrate must be free from parts that are uneven or breaking off, free from pollution such as smog, mould or moss. If this is not the case, proceed with mechanical removal. The surfaces must be made rough or dampened, even if they are made of reinforced concrete. Reinforcement iron pieces must be cleaned scrupulously by sandpapering or brushing. Then, they must be treated with Rasacap Renewal 400 diluted with water until a liquid solution is obtained to be applied using a brush. Application:
Add 5 litres of water to a 25 kg bag of Rasacap Renewal 400 and mix using a whip mixer at a slow speed, until a smooth, lump-free paste is obtained. Apply Rasacap Renewal 400 using a trowel or spatula in coats that must be at least 2 mm thick, but not superior to 3 cm, vertically and 5 cm, horizontally, per coat. Higher thicknesses must be applied in several coats, 4 hours apart. During the summer season and/or in windy conditions, the surface must be treated and damped by sprinkling water every 4 hours for at least 12-48 hours. FINISHING:Finishing coats can be applied exclusively after the curing time has elapsed. Apply Murisol or Murisol W primer followed by a finish from the Trasil series, or K81, or Murival or Thermocap Rivestimenti coatings.

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