Transparent varnish

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Transparent varnish

Product suitable for painting systems designed for interior wooden structures, easy to apply, ideal for professional use as it has high filling powers, adheres well to sanded water-dilutable primers and different types of wood and it is fast drying, allowing an overall reduction in painting time. Guarantees a finish, distinguished by excellent aesthetic uniformity and mechanical resistance. Thanks to its quality, effective aesthetic and technical solutions are obtainable for various painting requirements offering an excellent level of finishing and good resistance in exterior environments, even in severe exposure conditions, elements indispensable for the duration of the applications, and useful for protecting the structure over time. The properties of this film, which include elasticity, scratch resistance and wear resistance, ensure that it maintains its appearance while remaining stable, attractive and resistant to abrasion and to commercial detergents. Formulated with acrylic-polyurethane resins in aqueous dispersion, it guarantees good penetration of the wood pores with minimum swelling of the wood fibre so that it can be used directly on the wood. Being odourless, it is particularly suitable for poorly ventilated areas. It is formulated with raw materials selected for their low environmental impact, that guarantee minimum emissions, so as to preserve the well-being and safety of its users and of those living in the environment. COLOURS:Colourless. USE:On substrates made of wood and derivatives used for flooring (parquet, platforms, boarding etc.) installed indoors. On various structures such as frames, skirting boards, handles and furniture, either applied directly on the wood in several coats, or on top of water-dilutable primer. If the product has been stored at low temperatures, allow it to reach a temperature of at least +15 °C before applying. TOOLS:Brush, Roller, Spray-gun.THINNING:Ready to use. COVERAGE:11-13 sq.m/l per coat. DRYING:Dry to recoat 1-2h; Sandable 6h; Fully dry 6h; Light foot traffic 3-4 days. APPLICATION TEMPERATURE:+5°C +30°C. STORAGE:+5°C e +30°C.

Further info from manufacturer on ECOW 500 LUCIDA/SATIN

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