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Water repellent water-based paint

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Portogruaro, Italy
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Water repellent water-based paint

Water paint, water-impermeable and moderately breathable, easy to apply, ideal for professional use as it is extremely compatible and has excellent adhesion and workability properties on a wide variety of substrates. Opaque paint for exteriors and interiors, odourless, semi-covering, formulated with acrylic resins in aqueous emulsion, ideal for creating special decorations or “antique” effects. High quality paint formulated with siloxanic resins for good protection and colour resistance in outdoor environments. It is characterized by perfect balance between water impermeability and water vapour permeability, so as to guarantee the breathability required for dry walls. Its high breathability makes it ideal as a finishing product for dehumidifying systems. COLOURS: As per specific colour card. The colour could vary slightly from one production batch to the next, so apply the finishing coat using the same batch. USE: It is ideal for decorating and protecting, from atmospheric agents in rural, marine or industrial environments, new structures or structures undergoing maintenance that have alkaline substrates treated with appropriate primer such as plasters with different compositions (cement, common lime, pre-mixed, skim coat plaster for exterior insulation), concrete and fibrocement. Strong colours may also be used. While being compatible with cement and reinforced concrete, it guarantees good but not specific protection. Using various tools and different ground colours, different colour effects can be obtained. The best results are obtained with a white undercoat or a coloured undercoat of a lighter shade than the finishing coat. To increase the colour effect, a second coat of Trasil Velatura may be applied. Against mould and moss in exterior environments, add 1 litre of anti-mould and algicide B25 Antimuffa Antialga for every 14 litres of paint or 350 ml of concentrated algicide B25 Antialga Concentrato for every 14 litres of paint. Tools should be washed with water immediately after use. The texture effect depends on the manual skill of the applicator and on the quantity applied. For this reason the samples are only indicative.  Before doing the actual job, run some tests on a demonstration panel. TOOLS: Roller, Sponge trowel, Glove. THINNING:0-35% by volume with water.COVERAGE:10-12 sq.m/l per coat. DRYING: Dry to recoat 5-8h; Fully dry 18h, Rain resistant 2 days. APPLICATION TEMPERATURE:+5°C +30°C. STORAGE:+5°C e +30°C.

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