Wood treatment

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Portogruaro, Italy
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Wood treatment

Water-impermeable product ideal for painting systems designed for interior structures, easy to apply, and has excellent filling and adhesion properties on various types of impregnating agents. It guarantees an extremely uniform finish with extraordinary resistance to mechanical stress, elasticity and resistance to scratch, which creates a stable film that maintains its appearance while remaining stable, attractive and resistant to wear over time. It is formulated with alkyd resins in the solvent phase which guarantee an excellent level of satin finish giving a “wax effect”. It is available in semi-transparent colours which leave the wood vein visible, obtained with micronized mineral pigments. Its good spread rate, low tendency to run and rapid drying properties mean that it can be applied with manual or mechanical tools which guarantee a finish characterized by excellent visual consistency, even thickness and good coating of the corners, both in professional and in do-it-yourself applications. COLOURS: As per the samples. The range of colours can be extended using Novolegno Concentrato. Before application, it is always advisable to check the tone with preliminary tests, since the original colour of each type of wood produces a different final shade. The colour could vary slightly from one production batch to the next; it is therefore important to finish the job with the same batch. USE: It is ideal for decorating and protecting new structures or structures undergoing maintenance with different types of wooden substrates for interiors, matchboarding or beams. To guarantee good resistance over time, the wooden structure must be free from resin and oils, well dried out with a humidity level of 15-18%, and sandpapered. For spray applications, take care not to apply too thickly in order to avoid over-long drying times or wrinkling. High thicknesses per coat and unfavourable environmental conditions slow down the drying and deep-hardening process. Ensure that the previous coat is well dried before applying a fresh coat. To ensure the good adhesion of subsequent coats, it must be recoated within 72 hours, otherwise it must be sandpapered between coats. If the product has been stored at low temperatures, allow it to reach a temperature of at least +15 °C before applying. Tools should be washed with Acetone per Lavaggio or Acquaragia turpentine immediately after use. The dust from sandpapering and/or spraying and dry paint residue should not be allowed to build up as it could lead to self-combustion.

Further info from manufacturer on SPECIAL UV MATT

Novolegno Collection by CAP ARREGHINI
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