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Honeycomb pocket sliding door

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PRIMA | Pocket sliding door


Honeycomb pocket sliding door


Wood, Honeycomb

Prima - of a ledge jamb, a header consisting of two profiles at the pocket entrance and one pair of telescopic jambs for adjustment to the wall thickness (up to 8 mm on each side).
The frame is supplied unassembled and can be installed on pockets readily available on the market.
Fixing of ledge jamb by means of screws hidden under the intrados. The header is fixed by means of partly hidden screws. Brickmolding and intrados are fixed at intervals by means of glue (using a screw clamp).
Molding joints are secured by means of dovetail dowels.
The rubber-stop on the frame ledge comes in black.
For reasons of aesthetics neither gaskets nor brushes are fitted at the pocket entrance.
For doors sliding alongside the wall the frame is similar to the frame for hinged doors but differs on the side where the door is sliding: the ledge jamb protrudes and meets the L-shaped molding to conceal the tracks.
The telescopic intrados on the opposite side allows for adjustment to the wall thickness (up to 15 mm).
Molding dimensions: 15x85 mm.
Lacquered frames are made entirely from Tulipier.
The frame in solid timber comes in Tulipier with a 20/10 timber veneer and solid timber. The moldings and intrados consist of multilayer panels and a 6/10 timber veneer.
Doors in local walnut feature yesquero core and walnut veneer; all other doors come in solid timber.
The door blades (thickness 45 mm) consist of tambour panels and 6 mm MD support.
Lacquered plain door blades come with ledges made from Tulipier.
Plain door blades in solid timber come with a 6/10 veneer.
The ledge is made from solid timber.
Doors in local walnut feature yesquero core and walnut veneer; all other doors come in solid timber.
Finishes and qualities
Lacquered doors and doors in solid timber come with an opaque water-based paint-finish. Frame and door blade are available both with matching or differing finishes.

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