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Pivot honeycomb door

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Pivot honeycomb door



Sesta - The frame for pivot doors is entirely made of metal. It consists of one ledge and two telescopic
intrados, which also function as brick-molding, allowing for adjustment to the wall thickness (up
to 15 mm).
Hinges for pivot doors are produced in-house: the bottom pivot is the “piletta”, the top pivot is retracted.
Frame and intrados are supplied fully assembled, with invisible, welded joints on the corners.
Both frame and subframe a re installed by means of screws that are hidden under the intrados, The intrados in turn are fixed with a special gasket.
The door blades of the pivot door are placed in
the centre.
Door blades with thickness 45 mm come in tambour panels and 6 mm MD support.
Plain, lacquered door blades come with a ledge made from Tulipier.
Plain door blades in solid timber come with a 6/10 timber veneer.
The ledge is made from solid timber.
The rubber-stop on the blade comes in black.
Finishes and qualities
Lacquered doors and doors in solid timber come with an opaque water-based paint-finish.

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