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Pivot honeycomb door

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Capoferri Serramenti

Adrara San Martino, Italy
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Pivot honeycomb door



Slim - The frame for pivot doors is entirely made of metal. It consists of an assembly of sharp-edged solid profiles and a profile made of galvanized steel concealed in the wall.
This frame is not telescopic. It comes in fix dimensions of either 10,5 or 12 cm.
On the external perimeter on both sides of the frame a profile in galvanized iron is placed. Besides
creating a shadow gap with the wall the profile also holds a wire-net in place which is then to be hidden
under the plaster.
Hinges for pivot doors are produced in-house: the bottom pivot is the “piletta”, the top pivot is retracted.
No brick-molding is required. The frame comes fully assembled and has invisible, welded joints on the corners. No subframe installation is required.
The frame is fitted directly to the wall by means of latches (wet installation).
The rubber-stops are fitted on the door blade.
The frame comes in Stainless Steel, Bronze or Brass.
The door blade of the pivot is placed in the centre.
The door blades (thickness 45 mm) consist of tambour panels and 6 mm MD support.
Plain, lacquered door blades come with a perimeter ledge made from Tulipier.
Plain door blades in solid timber come with a 6/10 timber veneer.
The ledge is made from solid timber.
The rubber-stops on the blade come in black.
Finishes and qualities
Lacquered doors and doors in solid timber come with an opaque water-based paint-finish.

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