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Carpet ConceptMOVE

Fabric decorative acoustical panels

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Carpet Concept

Bielefeld, Germany
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Fabric decorative acoustical panels
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In its basic grid, CAS Move follows Cube’s square. But its expanses are inclined, resulting in an exciting structure of acoustic presence in the logical progression or over an area. The inclination can be upward, downward, or to the side as required. CAS Objects are high-performance sound-absorbing panels for walls, ceilings and room dividers. They are acoustically effective, long-lasting, aesthetic additions to spaces. Specially developed materials and constructions efficiently reduce the effect of sound. In sonic testing, the 70-centimeter grid was determined to be of optimum acoustic relevance. Select materials emphasize and accentuate the interior.The forms of CAS Objects illustrate their function: They absorb sound. Shapes and gaps, differences in height and slanting positions, the geometry of straights and curves define the repertoire. The range consists of cubic and slanting forms each in three depths and widths as well as free forms and inspiring variants. These result in areas in modest structures, tailored to the particular room.The acoustic effect of CAS Objects is due to the top sound-absorbing characteristics for the speech-relevant range; the noise of speech is reduced. In fact, CAS Objects even distribute and direct sound; the capacity to understand what people are saying is increased. In addition to a considerable decrease of noise, CAS Objects increase acoustic quality in the office.

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