Shelveing system

Interlocking modular metal shelving

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Santa Maria a Monte, Italy
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Shelveing system


Interlocking modular metal shelving


Steel, Galvanized plate

CASTELLANI develops and manufactures standard and customized solutions for the furniture industry. Configure: rooms with loft access ladders, soppalcature on shelves, walls and ceiling soppalcature, lofts external galvanized soppalcature with lights, complex projects with mezzanines and partitions for offices or various environments, chipboard flooring, railings, stairs, walls equipped, catwalks, lofts and offices closed in cartogesso with detachable walls.
CASTELLANI is also engaged in the production and assembly of all types of shelving: storage shelves with two-level shelving in cabinets, shelves on two levels with sales counter, walkways connecting between racks, warehouses at two levels with floor, simple stalls with top and side windows, desks with shelves behind, shelving, paper files, shelving, auto parts, shelves with sliding doors, sliding doors to close archive shelving high flow, cantilever racking and high flow with rompitratto.

The interlocking modular metal shelving, steel sheets produced using top quality S235JR UNI EN 10027, is available in heights ranging from mm. To 1000 mm. 4000 (on request up to mm. 6000) and with a depth of mm. To 300 mm. 800. The assembly system of the supporting structure as well as the accessory components, is fully interlocking, thus facilitating the assembly operations or modification. The finish of the series is made with polyester powder coating textured finish (blue avion for the pillars, gray for the rest of 7038) of average thickness 60/80 micron combining pleasantness, aesthetic and strength, and some small parts are galvanized steel.

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Further details
Modularity and size
Heights of the Uprights
(height shelving)
Measures (mm.):
1000 1500 1800 2000
2500 3000 3500 4000
Number spans:
depending on the amount of linear feet of shelving you need. The development of the shelving of the parties may provide corner.
lengths Plans
(L span)
Dimensions (mm):
800 910* 1000 1200
Bay length:
is the length of the plans in the same span, all floors of a span must have the same length, the spans of the same shelf may have different lengths.
Depth crosses
(depth shelves)
300 400 500 600 700 800
Deep shelving:
corresponds to the depth of the plans and crosses beams in the same span, all of the plans in the same span must have the same depth.
N.B. In the development of the shelf each upright has an additional encumbrance of 40 mm. 
Standard Colours
Grey RAL
Standard colour of uprights is AVION;
Standard colour of plans is Grey RAL 7038;
Available accessories
Top Drawer separators in .
(Made of steel sheet of thickness 7/10 of a mm.)
They are composed of the following components: front fascia (mm of height. 125), rear fascia (mm of height. 185) and movable dividers which perform the function also of side panels; suitably assembling these components are realized the sopracassettiere that are available, of series, in the depths of mm. 300, 400, 500, 600 and in the widths of mm. 800 (3 movable dividers with most of the side panels included), mm. 900 (with 4 movable dividers most of the side panels included), mm. 1000 (with 4 movable dividers most of the side panels included) and mm. 1200 (with 5 movable dividers most of the side panels included). The support surface of the sopracassettiera is not included and must be calculated separately; separators furniture can be placed at a minimum pitch of mm. 65.
Sheet cladding lateral sides and rear.
(Made of steel sheet of thickness 7/10 of a mm.)
Are panels of height. 450 + end cap shaped to a total closure of the sides and bottom of the shelf. The installation is made by fitting these panels in the slots or the joints of the uprights. Are available on request include in steel sheet thickness 10/10 mm. perforated (hole Ø mm. 5 mm pitch. 25).
Drawers to block.
(Made of steel sheet of thickness 7/10 of a mm.)
The casing is made of a single block of size mm. 965x400x300h or mm. 965x500x300h to 8 (4 + 4 overlapped with useful drawer mm. 175×350/450x100h), 12 (6 + 6 superimposed with useful drawer mm. 100×350/450x100h), 4 (2 + 2 overlapped with useful drawer mm. 400×350/450x100h) and 6 (3 + 3 overlapped with useful drawer mm. 250×350/450x100h) drawers; drawers slide on ball bearings guided, have the handle for opening integrated in the front and are equipped internally to accommodate the separators furniture transverse (optional).
Separators for plan.
(Made of steel sheet of thickness 7/10 of a mm.)
They are used to distribute across the floor without constrain in any way and are available as standard in the depths of mm. 300, 400, 500, 600 and, upon request, mm. 700 and 800; have height mm. 225 and support base of mm. 105; engage on the front and on the bottom of the floor to prevent it from tipping over and which exit from their position.
Sliding doors (metal or glass).
They are made of sheet steel of thickness 7/10 mm., Suitably reinforced inside with Yale lock and slide on ball bearings. The frame in which they are integrated and which is fixed to the shelving made of tubular section. 35×15 and 35×35.
Those glass have a thickness of mm. 6 with groove for opening, can be fitted with lock rack; trolleys are mounted on ball bearings that slide on appropriate guides in aluminum.
Consist of two molded-case (sec. 35×15 galvanized sheet thickness. Mm. 1.5) that act as tested incastrandosi the same type of hook used for the floors and one or two tubular chrome or painted (Ø 25 mm. Thickness. Mm . 1.2). The tubes, supported by interlocking two heads are latching for the leaders to hang. Available in lengths of mm. 800, 900, 1000 and 1200 mm and depth. 400, 500, 600 and 800 (the latter has a depth of 2 pipe hanger). It should be noted that this accessory can not be used alone but must be integrated, in each span, from at least two planes (to be fitted in the top and bottom) that give the necessary squaring the shelving.

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