Cement-bonded wood fiber thermal insulation panel

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Onara di Tombolo, Italy
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Cement-bonded wood fiber thermal insulation panel

CELENIT ABE is a thermal and acoustic insulation panel, consisting of mineralised fir wood wool bound with white Portland cement. Panels are selected to ensure the highest quality and appearance. The wood wool is 1 mm wide. It complies with EN 13168 and is manufactured by a EN ISO 9001:2008 certified company. CELENIT ABE has been certified by ANAB-ICEA for the eco-biocompatibility of materials and the production process. The wood used comes from sustainably managed forests (PEFC Chain of Custody certification). TÜV Italia has certified that 15% of the panel consists of pre-consumer recycled material.
Dimensions: 2400x600 - 2000x600 - 1200x600 - 600x600 mm
Thickness: 15 - 25 - 35 mm     
Edges detail: Straight edges; Leaf edges from 35 mm; Chamfered edges; Lowered edges mounted on T- shaped profiles from 25 mm; Lowered and chamfered on all sides for visible T- shaped profiles from 25 mm; Chamfered edges mounted on foldaway profiles from 35 mm; Chamfered edges mounted foldaway profiles with mobile panels from 35 mm
Colours: various colours (standard water based colour; silicate natural colour; photocatalytic colour)

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