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Double-fired ceramic wall tiles

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Ceramica Bardelli

Vittuone, Italy
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Double-fired ceramic wall tiles


Double-fired ceramic

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Series of decorative wall coverings, double-fired, featuring 6 different designs, fully handmade on glossy white background (Extra White). Format 40x40cm. Water, fire, earth. We know that three of the vital elements are required to produce each ceramic creation. This collection pays homage to the fourth element; it is dedicated to an object which rivals the air in terms of lightness. Fans, with their close-packed folds, embellished with delicate designs featuring small animals, flowers, leaves or fruits, flutter as though a mischievous whirlwind flings them here and there, lifting them up, mingling them, muddling them, before letting them rest in a graceful disorder. In a notso- distant past, countless long gazes were directed through their screen; countless messages were encoded in their language: by opening and closing them, resting them against the cheek, on the forehead or lips, shifting them suddenly from one hand to the next, or gracefully and purposefully letting one finger slide along their edges.

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