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Ceramica FioraneseSIMPLE & FIZZY | Mosaic


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Ceramica Fioranese

Fiorano Modenese, Italy
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At times, a home with simple, clean lines and essential shapes is not enough: imagination takes over and the colour of geometrical patterns and floral designs recreates a new, bright and effervescent style for the home. Simple&Fizzy: the weightless world of the imagination ebbing and flowing between formal precision and the portrayal of nature in an exuberant and eclectic vision of the home. As simple as colour; pure and essential. For homes designed with geometrical patterns and ideas stolen from nature Countless shades of colour give rooms a clear, stylish identity with reassuring appeal in the poetry of their linearity. As sparkling as a floral pattern and bursting with contrasting colours, whose vital intensity lends a contemporary air to the home. Dynamism that seduces the eye and leads you into a world of pure imagination.

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