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Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles

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Loc. Salvaterra - Casalgrande, Italy
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Porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles


Porcelain stoneware

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The Labyrinth collection is divided into two families ANGLE and MIRROR, both designed for a free use of the tile module in order to build your own personal “labyrinth”, thus creating your own unique design.
Based on the work of Josef and Anni Albers, both Bauhaus exponents, the Angle family features three colour lines: Navy, Slate and Pearl, expressing a powerful multi-layered graphic concept.

The Mirror family is available in three different colour versions: Silver, Ash and Sand featuring a rich, deep, textile-inspired texture.

These new achievements confirm the will by Ceramiche Refin and DesignTaleStudio to keep experimenting new ceramic solutions, combining industrial manufacturing with craftsman know-how, creativity with production, in order to remain unparalleled leaders in project-oriented product innovation.

The LABYRINTH project challenges the traditional square tile, overthrows boring standardised solutions and offers versatile module-based components for bold compositions creating different patterns with endless possible arrangements. Surfaces can be altered by a slight laying change; the eye gets lost in intricate zigzag effects, mirror-like, symmetrical or orderless, conveying, as Giulio Iacchetti says, “a sense of infinite, an unlimited graphic development…”.

The ceramic tile reinvents itself, leaving behind its rigorous serialised nature and acquiring a third dimension, undermining mainstream cliché and carrying us away in a world of emotionally powerful trompe-l’oeil and modular Escher-like patterns, an artist Iacchetti is very fond of.

Labyrinth also recovers and enhances the purest decorating and colour-based ceramic culture, which lately has come back quite strongly (like the case of the extremely successful Frame collection by DesignTaleStudio) and regained the well-deserved role it played in the past decades.

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Giulio Iacchetti

"For me, conceiving and designing a surface means an attempt to make inroads into the concept of the infinite, of the threedimensional, starting out from a modular drawing developed without limits in space, inspired by the graphic constructions of the great Escher who has inspired so much of my work.

So the concept is to conceive and design an element that is repeated all over the pattern, forming traces that wind around each other, marking patterns that are alternatively regular and complex, able to evoke a sense of depth, creating authentic threedimensional graphic labyrinths: hence the name of this collection of tiles.

This project derives from an original geometric construction generated within a square, lines that join mid-points to the opposite vertices until they form two opposing L-shaped elements, which – depending on the direction the tile is turned in – make it possible to draw orderly lines of squares, segmented zigzag lines, or, without any pre-established laying scheme, create never-ending graphic perimeters the eye gets lost in."

Labyrinth Collection by Ceramiche Refin
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