Clivet CLIVETPACK² CSRN-XHE2 15.2-44.4

Air handling unit / Heat pump

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Feltre, Italy
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Air handling unit / Heat pump

The packaged air-conditioners of the CSRT-XHE2 and CSRN-XHE2 series are the technological evolution of Rooftop units developed by Clivet for airhandling purposes. Designed for the air-conditioning of medium-sized and large surfaces with average crowding levels, such as supermarkets, commercial areas, manufacturing areas, railway stations and airports.
Versatile use: the wide series of versions, options and accessories allow for a flexible selection and unique integration, regardless of the intended use and weather outdoors.
Easy to position and install: the units have an exceptionally compact design and they are also perfect for crowded coverings, they allow for the air supply and return to be horizontal or from below. The units, pre-tested by the manufacturer, start-up immediately thanks to our ‘packaged’ approach, which includes anything necessary for the system, only requiring the connection to the mains and aeraulic network.
Sturdiness and energy savings: thanks to the high efficiency of the refrigeration circuit optimized for operation at partial load, the free-cooling, the standard supplied heat recovery on all models with an air exhaust system, the optional electronic filtering system, the automatic control of the air flow and the variable air flow function, energy consumption levels and, as a result, running costs, are considerably lower.

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