Clivet CLIVETPack² FFA

Air handling unit / Heat pump

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Feltre, Italy
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Air handling unit / Heat pump

The autonomous air-conditioners of the CSRT-XHE-FFA / CSRN-XHE-FFA series are Roof-top type units developed by Clivet using the most recent and advanced technologies available on the market dedicated to the treatment of air. Destined to the air-conditioning of all those environments that need full fresh air-conditioning that feature suction hoods such as kitchens, laboratories, projection rooms, etc.. Versatility of use: the wide range of versions, options and accessories allow unique integration and flexibility of choice, regardless of the intended use. During winter it is able to condition with full fresh air just through electrical supply up to -12°C and below such temperature air-conditioning is possible via pre-heating with a hot water or gas module coil. Easy to position and install: the units are exceptionally compact, perfect for positioning on particularly crowded roofs. The units, pretested in the factory, feature immediate start-up thanks to the packaged approach, which includes everything the systems needs. It only requires to be connected to the electrical mains and the air system. 

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