Clivet SPINchiller³ Free Cooling

AIr refrigeration unit

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Feltre, Italy
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SPINchiller³ Free Cooling


AIr refrigeration unit

Water chiller with FREE-COOLING
Air cooled
Outdoor installation
Capacity from 299 to 718 kW

The SPINchiller³ FREE-COOLING enables high-level savings on the management costs of the system in applications which also require cooled water during the cold season such as industrial processes, data centres, telecommunications, technological applications and shopping centres.
SIGNIFICANT ENERGY SAVINGS - When the fresh air temperature is lower than the return water temperature of the system, the FREECOOLING system recovers coolness from the external setting and reduces compressor operations until they are completely stilled. In this way the requested cooling capacity is supplied at no cost. 
EVEN IN GLYCOL FREE VERSION - Does not require the addition of an antifreeze substance in the hydraulic circuit used. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for large-sized systems and wherever laws and regulations limit the use of antifreeze substances inside buildings. 
MODULAR SCROLL TECHNOLOGY - Designed for outdoor installation, SPINchiller³ employs modular Scroll technology with several compressors on the same refrigeration circuit, electronic expansion valves and plate evaporators with highly efficient heat exchange. It stands out for the very high ESEER efficiency during the seasonal operation cycle. INDUSTRIALISED SYSTEM - The units can be installed easily and quickly thanks to the quick connections towards the user circuit, to the fact that they are already set up for electrical connections and thanks to the full operating test before shipping. They can also be provided with pumping units already installed, thereby integrating all the main components of the system in a single solution.

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