Clivet SPINchiller³ Water

AIr refrigeration unit

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Feltre, Italy
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SPINchiller³ Water


AIr refrigeration unit

Water chiller
WSH-XSC3: cooling only
WSHN-XSC3: reversible heat pump
Water cooled
Indoor installation
Capacity from 209 to 750 kW

The WSH-XSC3 liquid chiller units and WSHN-XSC3 water source heat pump units for indoor installation belong to the SPINchiller3 family, and are thus distinguished for their excellent energy efficiency, modularity and reliability, thanks to the high degree of industrialisation distinguishing all products of the family.
The EFFICIENCY of these products increases as the load decreases, thanks to the modular technology characterising the compressors and cutting-edge heat exchange solutions, yet they guarantee top-ranking performances in their category even with maximum load conditions. The high seasonal efficiency of SPINchiller3 products and their precision in satisfying the requested load guarantee maximum comfort at all times with excellent performance, resulting in considerably lower energy consumption.
The high seasonal efficiency of MODULARITY offers an effective solution for large-size central heating plants. The possibility of controlling in cascade mode SPINchiller3 units having different functions (chiller or heat pump) allows for satisfying demands of up to 5 MW, with guaranteed superior efficiency, reliability and construction quality compared to most solutions available on the market.
The extensive range of options available with SPINchiller3, including full soundproofing and the pumping unit mounted on the product – even inverter-driven – make the product suitable for installation in any system.
The entire series is Eurovent-certified.
These units with water-based condensation for indoor use can be paired with dry coolers of the REM² series.²

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