Built-in air treatment unit

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Feltre, Italy
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Built-in air treatment unit

Make-up unit, full fresh air
With return/exhaust and thermodynamic heat recovery
Reversible heat pump technology
Indoor or outdoor installation
Air flow rate from 1111 to 3900 l/s (from 4000 to 14000 m3/h)

ZEPHIR² EVO encases the entire primary air system in a single packaged system. ZEPHIR² EVO is designed for use in systems in which  primary air is supplied through terminal units  (eg .: fan coils, etc.) or through suitable air diffusers (eg.: elevated heights in commercial galleries). The active thermodynamic recovery, based on the reversible heat pump technology, exploits stale as thermal source. It features high energy efficiency, thanks to the variable electronically controlled fans with variable flow capability. In this way, it also gets rid of the major consumption due to high pressure drops from passive recovery units. The capacity from the thermodynamic circuit replaces most of the power produced by heating and cooling stations, without fossil fuels and no need for fluid distribution pipework. ZEPHIR² EVO eliminates components with no useful effect, such as storage tanks, pipes and pumps. As it can greatly reduce primary energy consumption, ZEPHIR² EVO increases the property value and makes it easier to access financial support.  It sets industrial standards as it eliminates 80% of the on site work, with amazing savings on the Total Life Cycle Cost. Being the core equipment in residential, commercial and industrial applications, it can be matched to fan coils, direct expansion and VRF systems, raising efficiency in existing buildings as well.

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