Clivet SPINchiller³ MF

Heat pump

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Feltre, Italy
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SPINchiller³ MF


Heat pump

Multifunction reversible heat pump
Air cooled
Outdoor installation
Capacity from 258 to 1296 kW

SPINCHILLER³ MULTIFUNCTION is the high efficiency packaged unit for centralized systems able to produce heating and cooling energy both simultaneously and independently.
VERSATILE AND EFFICIENT - Thanks to the total energy recovery reversible heat pump technology, the unit meets practically every chilled water, hot water and domestic hot water system requirement automatically and with high energy efficiency in all load conditions.
MODULAR SCROLL TECHNOLOGY - Designed for outdoor installation, SPINchiller³ employs modular Scroll technology with several compressors on the same refrigeration circuit, electronic expansion valves and plate evaporators with highly efficient heat exchange. It stands out for the very high ESEER efficiency during the seasonal operation cycle.
INDUSTRIALISED SYSTEM - Packaged unit can reduce the initial system costs even by 40% compared to a traditional solution with separated production, for example using chillers or boilers. Most of the routine system activities are in fact realized by Clivet inside the unit: selection and sizing of components; mechanical and hydraulic connections; electrical and
adjustment wiring; functional testing.

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