Clivet GAIA-i Comfort

Two-section reversible heat pump

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Feltre, Italy
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GAIA-i Comfort


Two-section reversible heat pump

Two-section reversible heat pump
Air cooled
Uncased installation
Capacity from 5 to 8 kW

GAIA-i Comfort is the ideal high-efficiency heat pump for apartments with medium-low requirements. The main features are:
HIGH SEASONAL EFFICIENCY: guaranteed by the DC Inverter technology applied on the compressor, with which the capacity can be modulated in relation to actual energy demand, thereby allowing for a significant increase of seasonal efficiency.
RECESSED STORAGE UNIT: can be installed with a depth of only 35 cm. It can house in a single unit all the elements of the system with a wide variety of functional modules to be selected according to the choice of system. The modules are pre-assembled and can also be installed at different times.
EFFICIENT PRODUCTION OF DOMESTIC HOT WATER: the exchanger with braze-welded plates allows for far greater exchange efficiency compared to traditional solutions with a static exchanger immersed in the storage tank. This also allows for the recirculation of domestic water in the system through the circulator integrated into the unit. The storage tank contains 150 litres of water.
SOLAR THERMAL INTEGRATION: Gaia i Comfort can be fitted with an additional exchanger with braze-welded plates to generate domestic hot water free of charge via the energy captured by the solar panels.

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