Clivet ELFOEnergy Magnum 150 - 347 kW

Water refrigeration unit

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Feltre, Italy
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ELFOEnergy Magnum 150 - 347 kW


Water refrigeration unit

The ELFOEnergy Magnum heat pumps and liquid chillers are high efficiency packaged units for small and medium-sized applications in the services sector. Designed for outdoor installation, they ensure the highest energy efficiency over the entire operating cycle, especially under load staging conditions that coincide with the unit’s longer operating time, thanks to the modular scroll technology that adapts the capacity supplied to the actual energy demand required by the system. ELFOEnergy Magnum is available in the two EXCELLENCE and PREMIUM versions. The EXCELLENCE version offers the highest energy efficiency both during the seasonal cycle and under full load conditions. The PREMIUM version provides excellent performance under partial load conditions, but has a compact design which gives it an additional competitive edge.

Water chiller
WSAT-XEM: cooling only
WSAN-XEM: reversible heat pump
Air cooled
Outdoor installation
Capacity from 150 to 347 kW

Benefits of ELFOEnergy Magnum:
HIGH UNIT RELIABILITY, thanks to the double refrigerant circuit, to the proven architecture and to the components produced at high volumes.
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: The modulating pumping unit developed by Clivet, consisting of two parallel pumps controlled by an inverter, allows for lower consumption and at the same time ensures operation even under critical conditions. It automatically reduces the water flow rate according to the load required by the system, by controlling the temperature, and prevents blocks due to overloads in the event of critical conditions.
MODULARITY AND MANAGEMENT OF MORE UNITS IN CASCADE: The compact construction   allows to combine multiple units in confined spaces, realizing a high power system.  The control allows to coordinate up to 7 units managing automatically the operation with maximum efficiency.

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