Clivet SCREWLine³ MDE-SL3

Water refrigeration unit

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Feltre, Italy
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Water refrigeration unit

Water chiller
Indoor installation
Capacity from 300 to 1427 kW

The liquid chillers in the MDE-SL3 range are units for indoor installation and are ideal in combination with the remote condensers in the CEM range. They are particularly suited in civil and industrial sector systems in the following applications:
BUILDINGS WITH ARCHITECTURAL VALUE - The chiller is normally installed in a service room and therefore completely concealed from sight, whereas the outdoor exchange section can be positioned remotely. 
EXTREMELY LOW NOISE EMISSION - Separated from the chiller, the outdoor exchange section can be selected and sized as required to reduce noise emission.
PARTICULARLY SEVERE CLIMATES - The two section solution makes it possible to avoid having an outdoor water system and therefore having to perform the winter emptying needed to protect it against freezing. With MDE-SL3, the pipes between the two sections contain a refrigerant fluid and not water.
The energy efficiency of the entire range is particularly high: all sizes use two compact two screw semi-hermetic compressors with continuous adjustment of the supplied cooling capacity. The shell and tube evaporators are specifically optimised to operate with ecological R134a refrigerant fluid and are provided with a standard electronic expansion valve.

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