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Wall tiles with concrete effect

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Wall tiles with concrete effect

Concreo® is a material produced in the solid state in panels, with valuable aesthetic characteristics. It allows the creation of artifacts or coatings perfectly  similar to the cast concrete with the same ease of processing of a normal wooden panel, revolutionizing the use of cement in the field of Internal Design and high level furniture.
Concreo® is produced in sheets of homogeneous paste and depending on the purpose it can stand alone, without structural functions, or it can be  coupled to other support materials. Concreo® can be applied or plated with Concreo® glue with support materials such as wood-based panels, aluminum, metal and any other material.
Concreo® is indicated for non-structural interior design applications: wall cladding, semi-finished furniture, ceilings, scenographic sets, design objects and all the other uses compatible with its technical features. 

Eco-friendly material made from recycled cellulose fibers, gypsum, acrylic resins and protective/waterproofing finishes on its surface, mixed with raw materials classified as not hazardous in accordance with the legislation in force.

Further info from manufacturer on CONCREO®
Further details
Features of Concreo®
- Superior aesthetic quality, with fibers in a natural random composition, unique and never repeated.
- Superior technical perfomance: waterproof, good resistance to stains and aggressive agents.
- Material very easy to work with the same equipment of woodworking: shaping, drilling, milling, pantograph and laser engraving, folding, etc.
- Panels are easy easy to join, plate, stick and putty, to create perfect surfaces and volumes.
- Wall cladding quickly achievable, either by fixing the panels to a clip support, in metal or wood, either by applying them straight to the pre-existing walls using the suggested Concreo® Adhesive.
- Specific gravity less than half compared to concrete.
- Excellent grip of pins, screws, dowels and throughout the normal hardware on the market.
- High carrying capacity for suspended loads.
- Excellent acoustic insulation properties for a higher quality of life in very broad or noisy environments.
- High thermal insulation properties.
- Low elasticity but high resistance to mechanical stresses due to the homogeneous structure of the panels all along their thickness.
- Fire resistance.
- Stability of the panels in very humid environments or in the presence of high temperature variations.
- Eco-friendly material that allows it to be disposed as household waste or standard construction residue.
Product Range
Finishing: Concreo® is available in 2 different finishes: Smooth and Antiqued. The Antiqued finish is in 2 variants: Natural and Dark.
On demand are available stronger finishings for external use.
Thickness: 4 available thickness: 5 - 9 - 11,5 - 17 mm. Special thickness are available on request.
Sizes: Concreo® panels are marketed in standard sizes as per the table below. It is possible to evaluate special sizes on request, maximum size 1.250x3.000 mm in thikness 11,5 mm.
Technical data sheet – Certification for Concreo® Natural Smooth standard finishing

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