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Sectional leather sofa

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Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany
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TRIO | Leather sofa


Sectional leather sofa




Seating element, back-rest and corner-rest. Trio comprises just these three simple elements, which offer an almost endless range of combinations — in just a few moves. Remove the corner-rest and you have a cool recamier. Take away the corner-rest and the backrest, and the result is a wonderfully spacious sofa-bed. Add a couple of stools and you have a comfortable reclining area, perfect for lolling around on a lazy Sunday. A laid-back seating ensemble for a cocktail party. Or an extra-long sofa. Trio’s basic building block is one metre long and one metre deep, and all the other elements conform to this. It is actually quite a simple building block system — but one which is incredibly soft and comfortable, thanks to the high-quality materials, elaborate workmanship and intelligent internal construction, which also includes a proper slatted frame. The welting is concealed internally, and this allows easy removal and cleaning of the seating elements.

Trio is now presented as highly refined, yet casual and cool in camel-coloured leather. The natural hides are glazed only with an extremely thin wax emulsion. This has the beautiful side effect of making the patina cloudy rather than glossy. The double outer seam is particularly highlighted by special finishing processes. Carefully fitted leather sections are only "openly" stitched, similarly to furs or fine leather goods. This creates three-dimensional edges that underline the geometric effect of this young classic even more strongly.

Trio Collection by COR
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