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Heat exchanger

The MACS® station is connected to the Buffer Tank, thanks to a circulator, the heating water is moved to the stainless steel plate exchanger for immediate production of D.H.W. 
MACS® module thus enables the production of Domestic Hot Water instantly, with high fl ows and high effi cinecy.
It has the following advantages: 
• reducing overall dimensions 
• total hygiene 
• easy maintenance 
• No Legionellosis risk. 
MACS® station also reduces volumes as a single buffer tank is also producing DHW, thus eliminating the volume of traditional calorifi ers. In fact, the amount of DHW that can be produced by the MACS® station is equal if not superior to those obtained from a calorifi ers with same capacity of accumulation because the heating hot water is stored at a higher temperature compared to temoperature of DHW. MACS® module is equipped with a thermostatic mixer in the primary circuit inlet avoiding the plate exchanger to overheat reducing risk of formation of calcium deposist.

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